• Offers you a selection of the best wines only from the Moselle
  • Focuses on Mosel winemakers from the three countries Luxembourg, Germany and France
  • Also highlights wines from the Moselle, such as Saar, Sure and Ruwer

Our concept

  • Buy directly from the winemaker at no extra cost
  • A quality choice for connoisseurs of fine wines
  • Intensive and privileged contact with producers of the best wines of the Moselle
  • We are not looking for the cheapest wines, but the best wines.

Our Expertise

  • Offers you a selection of authentic, family-produced wines;
  • Offers you the fruit of a great knowledge of the terroirs of production;
  • Offers you wines from producers who respect the environment and human values;

« He who drinks wine well, sleeps well. He who sleeps well does not sin. He who does not sin will be blessed. So he who drinks wine well will be blessed. (William Shakespeare)» 

Our focus:

A very good knowledge of the wines only from the Mosel.

Our proposal:

A selection of premium wines solely from the Moselle, directly from the winemakers.

Our goal:

To bring quality wines, winemakers and winelovers togehter.