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The Ruwer Valley - small but extremely fine!

The Ruwer is a tributary of the Moselle that rises in the Hochwald and flows into the Moselle not far from the Karthäuserhof after just under 50 kilometres. On the last fifteen kilometres of the river's course between Franzenheim and its confluence with the Moselle, vines have been cultivated on the steep slopes of the Ruwer valley since ancient times. As the oldest winery in the Ruwer valley, the Karthäuserhof has pioneered this small but extremely fine winegrowing region over the centuries and played a major role in shaping its excellent reputation.

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Almost 800 years of wine history

The vineyards of Eitelsbach, which are still cultivated today, were first mentioned in a document in 1223. At their feet, the Carthusian Order founded a vineyard in 1335, which was cultivated by the monks for almost 500 years.
Since then, the Karthäuserhof has been in the hands of the family without interruption. The current owner, Albert Behler, is also a descendant of the family, who runs the winery in the seventh generation and who have helped the Karthäuserhof to achieve international renown over the past 200 years.

Finest Riesling wines from the Ruwer

In the vineyard Karthäuserhofberg, the Devonian clay slate plays a decisive role. Even the pink-copper colour of the soil indicates a high mineral content.

The very soft, heat-storing slates release iron-containing minerals through constant weathering. Thus, valuable substances such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and many trace elements are absorbed by the vines and passed on to the grapes in high concentrations.

Weinlage - Vignoble - Vineyard - Karthäuserhof


In addition to the clay slate, the soils of the Karthäuserhofberg have clayey deposits that are excellent water reservoirs. As a result, the most important supply components are in balance: the slate stores the heat, the clay the water. This happy symbiosis gives the wines of the Karthäuserhofberg an exceptionally broad spectrum of aromas, ranging from exotic fruit aromas to emphatically mineral notes.

Weinsortiment - wine selection - assortiment de vins

Wine assortment


  • off-dry
  • dry
  • Kabinett
  • Selection (Auslese)
  • Late harvest (Spätlese)
  • Grand Cru (Grosses Gewächs)

Pinot Blanc

Sparkling Wine

The typical character of the wines

The wines of the Karthäuserhof are full of character and distinctively fresh, but also capable of being stored. They appear light and filigree and have a spicy and hearty character due to their high extract values. Their minerality is unmistakable, strong fruit acids support the independence of these Ruwer wines. The Karthäuserhof wines are characterised by a variety of aromas that show up in the bouquet: Cassis, peach, strawberry and passion fruit are just a few examples.

The semi-dry wines from the Karthäuserhof are very well-balanced in their fruit-acid interplay, typically slender and fine-flavoured. The fruity wines are characterised by a hearty bouquet which, in combination with the strong acidity, gives them a harmonious character. In the high qualities of the Spätlese and Auslese, a fine botrytis is often added, giving them fullness and richness.

Worldwide unique trademark

What is unique about a bottle of Karthäuserhof is not only its contents, but also its trademark. No other winery in the world equips its bottle exclusively with a neck ribbon as the Karthäuserhof has done for about 120 years. The banderole, which is protected for us, bears the imposing coat of arms of the Karthäuserhof with a guenon in the centre.

Fasskeller - Cave à barriques - Barrel cellar

Vinification and philosophy

It is only wines from hand-picked grapes that are vinified in the vaulted cellars. The wines achieve the highest quality standards through selected yields, gentle treatment of the grapes, the must and the young wines.

All wines are matured in stainless steel tanks. Especially with the Rieslings you notice that they are fresh and clear in their structure. Characteristic of the wines from the Karthäuserhofberg is the mineral note in combination with the fruit emphasis typical of the grape variety and a strong acid backbone - thus unfolds undisturbed, and a long shelf life and freshness of the wines is guaranteed.

The Team and members of the family Karthäuserhof

The Karthäuserhof has been owned by the same family for over 200 years - today this tradition is continued by Albert P. Behler in the seventh generation. The winery is run by Managing Director Christoph Horbach, Technical Director Mathieu Kauffmann and a team of equally passionate and experienced staff.

The common goal is to continue to anchor the Karthäuserhof in the absolute top of the world, to preserve the unique character of its wines for another generation and to provide wine lovers who have chosen a bottle of wine from this vineyard with an unforgettable experience of pleasure.

Awards from  the press and wine guides

Wine guide Feinschmecker

4 F

Outstanding wine quality

Wine guide Eichelmann 2022

3.5 Sterne - exceptionnal producer

Wine guide Falstaff 2022

4 stars - top wine estate known for continuous top performance