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Tradition meets Innovation

Since 2000, his son Peter and his wife Andrea Regnery have been running the F-J Regnery winery. Thanks to them, the winery has expanded its range to include red wines, which now account for 40% of total production.
However, the whole family, from grandfather Franz-Josef to the three grandchildren, is involved in the hard work on the steep slopes, and the knowledge and love of wine and the soil acquired over generations are passed on quite automatically. In addition to the old family tradition, the F-J Regnery winery today also stands for modern, environmentally conscious viticulture.

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Weinlage Klüsserather Brüderschaft

A paradisel and landscape for wines of character in Klüsserath

In total, the wine estate  F-J Regnery has 8.5 hectares of vineyards in the Klüsserather Bruderschaft. Its steep sites ensure optimal light penetration on the vines and allow the grapes to become particularly juicy. At the same time, high-quality Devonian slate weathered soils guarantee a good supply of minerals and give the wines their typically fresh mineral flavour. The current range of wines includes the grape varieties Riesling, Red Riesling, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Finest Riesling wines from the steep vineyards of Klüsserath

Located in the German wine-growing region of Mosel, the Klüsserather Bruderschaft vineyard is a single vineyard in the St. Michel large-scale vineyard. In the south-east to south-west exposed vineyards of the Bruderschaft, vineyards of around 186 hectares are under cultivation. The slope of this site varies between 25 and 60%. The steep slope provides the excellent conditions for fruity and mineral wines.
On the medium-textured clay-slate weathered soils, mainly the Riesling grape variety is cultivated. With a total cultivation area of 118 hectares, Riesling occupies 63% of the Klüsserather Bruderschaft site. In addition to the queen of white wines, the white grape varieties Müller-Thurgau, Bacchus and Kerner are also cultivated. The red grape varieties cultivated in the Klüsserather Bruderschaft include, for example, the Blaue Spätburgunder and the Dornfelder.
The weather conditions in the Klüsserather Bruderschaft vineyard provide the best conditions for growing grapes. With about 700 ml of precipitation and 1500 hours of sunshine annually, excellent wines are produced here. For example, the traditionally vinified wines from the F-J. Regnery vineyard. Nowadays, the Klüsserather Bruderschaft stands for sun-drenched quality wines.

Weinlage - Vignoble - Vineyard -

The vineyards of the winery estate F.-J. Regnery

The Klüsserath Brotherhood

A religious foundation gives its name to our world famous vineyard!

The Klüsserather Bruderschaft, a prayer society, was founded in 1681 by the parish priest J. Gerhard of Manderscheid. He donated 9 vineyards to the association, the income from which was to ensure a regular and lasting occupation of the parish priest's post in Klüsserath.

The "Klüsserath Bruderschaft" is the main vineyard in Klüsserath. Riesling grapes are grown on this slope, as the mineral note of the Moselle schist enhances the components of Riesling wine remarkably well and the southern exposure provides excellent conditions for this rather late-ripening grape. Burgundian grape varieties are also grown here, as their soil and sun requirements are comparable to those of the Riesling grape varieties.

Weinsortiment - wine selection - assortiment de vins

Wine assortment


  • off-dry
  • dry
  • Kabinett
  • Selection (Auslese)
  • Late harvest (Spätlese)
  • Sweet wine - dry berries

Pinot Noir

Red Riesling


Modern methods joined by traditional values

Awards from the press and wine guides

Wine guide Eichelmann 2022 3,5 Sars

"Peter Regnery presents a strong collection again this year, he manages like hardly any other Mosel vintner to make his red wines equal to the Rieslings."

Gault Millau wine guide 2022 4 Grapes

"And from this winery come year after year elegant Rieslings in beguiling lightness, uncomplicated, yet multifaceted and above all concentrated to the point to bring much drinking pleasure in the glass and palate.."

Vinum wine guide 2022 3 Stars

3 Stars from Vinum 2022

Falstaff wine guide 2022 3 Stars

3 Stars from Falstaff 2022