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Since the romans, wine is cultivated here in Piesport

Still today, Piesport is a typical region for the cultivation of Riesling, which flourishes particularly well on the deep schist soils, which act as a heat reservoir for the vines and ensure a good water supply. Large parts of the best terroirs in this region rich in Riesling tradition are owned by the Haart winery.

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Johannes Haart

Vinification in harmony with nature

The Haart winery attaches great importance to quality, sustainability and the unique character of its wines. The Haart winery's wine philosophy is based on a few basic rules that reflect its quality standards and sustainable approach:

1. class instead of mass: wide rows of vines ensure optimal sunlight and exposure. The voluntary limitation of yields allows the full development of flavours and minerals in the wine.

2. wines full of character: The Haart winery strives to emphasise the character typical of the vintage and the terroir (the peculiarities of each vineyard).

3. natural vinification: The wines are pressed gently, fruity natural sweetness is supported by controlled cooling, and no industrial enzymes are used. This makes the wines particularly digestible.

4. growth in harmony with nature: greened vineyards prevent erosion, maintain soil health and provide a habitat for important beneficial organisms. The winery has been practising integrated pest management without insecticides and acaricides since 1987.

Vinification and varieties

The wines from Piesport are often notable for their intense fruit flavours of cassis, peach and, in the case of high predicates, exotic fruits. This character is due to the deep slate soil, which makes the wines well-structured and long-lasting. In the first few years, especially after the youthful fruit, they sometimes appear somewhat closed, but develop all their class and fullness with age. This is particularly true of wines with residual sweetness, which have an ageing potential of 20-40 years. The residual sweetness is often subtly present in the body and never overt. Controlled, cool fermentation and storage in a humid, optimally tempered vaulted cellar help the wines to retain their natural carbon dioxide and freshness for a long time. The wines are matured in both traditional wooden barrels and stainless steel containers.


The Reinhold Haart winery cultivates some of the best vineyards on the Moselle. Here are the most important vineyards cultivated by the Haart family:

Piesporter Goldtröpfchen: The Piesporter Goldtröpfchen extends directly behind the family vineyard. This steep slope with deep slate soils is known for its excellent Riesling wines.
Piesporter Domherr: Another top location is the Piesporter Domherr, which is also one of the most renowned vineyards on the Middle Moselle.
Piesporter Falkenberg: This slope is another important site for the Haart family. High-quality Rieslings are also grown here.
In addition to these sites, the Haart winery also cultivates other vineyards in the region. The wines from these vineyards are characterised by their fruity acidity and subtle sweetness.

Vignobles - Vineyards - Weinlagen Haart

Vineyard Grafenberg

The Grafenberg vineyard on the Moselle is a remarkable site for viticulture. The Grafenberg covers around 8.2 hectares and the wines from the Grafenberg are well-structured and long-lasting due to the deep slate soil. They are often characterised by intense fruit aromas of cassis, peach and, in the case of high predicates, exotic fruits.
Wines with residual sweetness from the Grafenberg in particular can achieve an ageing potential of 20-40 years.
The wines are matured both in traditional wooden barrels and in stainless steel containers.

Vignobles - Vineyards - Weinlagen Haart
Vignobles - Vineyards - Weinlagen Haart


The winery cultivates several parcels in the best vineyards around Piesport.

Piesport Goldtröpfchen 

TheTerroir extends in a southeasterly exposure from the Piesport district of Ferres to the Moselloreley. The vineyards are oriented to receive sufficient sunlight from summer to late fall to grow aromatic grapes. The forestation above the site provides good water management, so that the vineyards are sufficiently supplied with water even in times of drought. The soil of Piesporter Goldtröpfchen consists of blue-gray Devonian slate and a partially very high percentage of fine soil. The result is very mineral Rieslings that develop perfectly over the years.

The Domherr vineyard is located within the Goldtröpchen directly on the Moselle and, like the Piesporter Goldtröpchen, is one of the best vineyard sites. Due to its south-southwestern location and the slate soils, it produces Rieslings with pronounced fruitiness and minerality, which know how to convince with their power and strength.

2 Generationen Weingut Hain - 2 générations domaine Hain - 2 generations winery Hain

Wine assortment

  • Riesling
  • Pinot Blanc
  • Chardonnay
  • Blanc de Noir
  • Rosé
  • Pinot Noir

Management and philosophy

On his 8.3 hectares of vineyards, the winemaker has laid the foundation for continued success in the future and for his wines to become even better known and appreciated. Recently, he invested in a larger bottle warehouse and soon, more wooden barrels will enrich the maturation of the Hain estate wines and give birth to even more delicious bottles.

Steilhänge Weingut Hain - Steep slopes wine estate Hain - Vignoble en forte pente domaine Hain

What the press says...

With its pure, intense fruit, a juicy animating nature, a mineral structure and a variety of aromas, the wine of Weingut Hain inspires the experts and wine lovers alike. Winemaker Gernot Hain is at work with conviction, passion and a sense of tradition, and with success: the trade press counts him among the "(...) most talented young wine producers on the Mosel (...)" and wine critics such as Eichelmann and Gault Millau praise especially his Riesling

Awards from  the press and wine guides

Eichelmann 2020 4 Sterne

Wine Guide Eichelmann 2020

"..his wines have always been captivatingly pure and fruity..., even then we counted him among the top in Piesport..."

Gault & Millau

Gault Millau wine guide 2022 3 Grapes

3 red grapes in Gault& Millau 2022 : "very good winery".

"... This also applies to the selective harvest, which the estate Hain monitors with a keen eye. Only healthy and fully ripe grapes are used for his wines, which are full of character and rich in facets, 80 percent of which are vinified from the Riesling grape variety. "

Wine guide Falstaff 2022 - 3 Stars

"The Hain Winery is "the" specialist for the Piesport site Goldtröpfchen... the winery declines the site-typical intense mineral spiciness through all flavors and distinctions so that it is a pleasure!"