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World famous Riesling wines from Oberemmel

Since the early 1990s, Andreas Schmitges has been running the winery, which is located in one of the most traditional German wine-growing areas, the Moselschleife between Kinheim-Kindel and Zeltingen-Rachtig. It is therefore not surprising that he was quickly seen as an innovator there with his clear quality standards, modern design and focus on the international market. Success proved him right: Schmitges has been one of the guarantors of quality in the Middle Mosel for years and has a knack for dry, fine and sweet qualities. He can draw on an impressive potential of steep-slope vineyards, the top plots of which are located in the famous Erdener Prälat. Here, both powerful dry grand crus and lush noble sweet selections are produced.

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Erdener Treppchen

We love it steep

The Schmitges family has chosen to grow grapes in this unique cultural landscape out of complete conviction and passion, because the very special combination of different slate soils and varying slope inclinations is exactly what makes the Moselle wines unique.
The winery looks back on a long history - first mentions can be found in 1744. Through quality, inventiveness and innovation, down-to-earthness, honest work, fast service and fair prices, the Schmitges have been able to win numerous wine lovers, both nationally and internationally, as customers in recent years.
Through deliberately low yields and the partial use of rootstock vines, high quality can always be guaranteed. Individual Riesling wines are the result of careful vinification, gentle grape processing, cool, slow, partly spontaneous fermentation and ripening, which reflect the uniqueness of the vintage and the site.

Finest Riesling wines from the steep vineyards of Zeltingen and surroundings

The Schmitges winery is located vis-a-vis the Erdener Treppchen, 100 years ago one of the most prominent vineyards in the world. But when Andreas Schmitges and his wife Waltraud took over their parents' business a good 30 years ago, the image of Mosel Riesling on the market had not been dazzling for some time.
So the winemaking couple thoroughly turned the farm inside out. They invested a lot of work, nerves and money. They rebuilt the cellar building, tuned the viticulture to quality. And over the years, they expanded their vineyards from two hectares to well over ten.

Wines from Erden Treppchen were world-famous 100 years ago, and now they are on everyone's lips again. In the meantime, the winery is one of the top operations on the Mosel.

Erdener Prälat

steep vineyards like the Erdener Treppchen and the Erdener Prälat

Erdener Treppchen

One of the Middle Moselle's most legendary vineyards. This southwest-facing vineyard, with a slope of up to 65%, grows on highly weathered grey schist rock.
- South-south-west exposure, 10-65% slope, 90-220 m NGF.
- Mostly grafted vines, but also a small proportion of rootless plots.
- Grey clay schist
- Fine, complex wines with good minerality and elegance.
- The specialties of this vineyard are dry, fruity late-harvest wines, late selections and grand crus.

Erdener Prälat

The absolute Mecca of the Moselle. Rooted vines, 50 to 100 years old, grow on red slate, perfectly south-facing with a 70% slope.
- South-facing, 50-70% slope, 90-150 m NGF.
- Rootless vines aged 50-100 years.
- Grey and red clay schist
- Extremely long ripening on the vine, generally until November, complex, dense wines with lots of minerality.
- Strictly limited quantities of Großen Gewächsen or Auslese or Beerenauslese.

Weinsortiment - wine selection - assortiment de vins

Wine assortment



    Late Harvest
    Grosses Gewächs

Pinot Gris

Pinot Noir / Pinot Noir

Sparkling wine

Wines and vinification

Erden's Schmitges family call themselves "quality fanatics" - and they're not wrong. The guarantee of high-quality grapes already begins in the vineyard, with deliberately low yields and the predominant use of bare-root vines. Gentle vinification is based on delicate processing and slow, fresh fermentation. It ensures that the wine can later reflect the unique character of its vintage and location, like a mirror. Terroir, fast service and fair prices complete the working philosophy of the Schmitges estate in Erden.
The Erdener Prälat is one of the Moselle's finest sites. This is where the Schmitges Erden estate grows deep-rooted vines, some up to 100 years old, on south-facing schist slopes. In many cases, the grapes even ripen on the vine as late as November, so that complex, mineral wines can be produced later. The Erdener Treppchen vineyard, to the south-west, is renowned for its fine, elegant wines.