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The origin of great wines - Tradition - Home - Modernity

At the center is the villa of the Huesgen family, as family residence, company headquarters and symbol of the family tradition. Built according to the designs of the Berlin architect Bruno Möhring, it is still considered a jewel of Art Nouveau today. The villa stands for the foundation of a great wine tradition. A tradition that today is continued, lived and redesigned in a modern way by Adolph Huesgen VIII.

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Villa Huesgen

Wines of full body character from premium vineyards

The VILLA HUESGEN Grand Cru site wines are a genuine reflection of the great vineyards and their underground. The steep slate vineyards of Steffensberg, Bei der Kanzel, Zeppwingert, Gaispfad, Birm and Bergpächter, where these Grand Cru wines grow, were classified in the highest level according to the "Prussian Vineyard Classification of 1868".
Respectful and responsible to nature, 100% hand tended and hand harvested, they are vinified in the traditional way - true to the principle of "controlled inactivity" - allow what nature determines. The result is complex wines with multilayered texture and expressive character of their terroir.

Craftsmanship meets zeitgeist

All the wines of VILLA HUESGEN are the result of a very high quality standard both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Rigorous yield limitation and intensive foliage work are the credo. The grapes are harvested by hand, mostly in several selective harvests. Once in the cellar, only healthy and physiologically optimally ripe grapes are brought to the winery, where they are subjected to ideal conditions and individual treatment.

" Enjoying means dedication. Good quality is always preceded by a lot of work in production. We believe that quality is generated in the vineyard, and must be preserved in the cellar."

Tradition and cautious handling of grapes and vines

In the cellar, the work that began in the vineyard continues. It is essential to preserve and develop the quality that has been yielded: by means of gentle work processes and innovative vinification techniques, but also with experience and intuition. Also decisive is intuition. Here, VILLA HUESGEN trusts its cellar master Edgar Schneider.  VILLA HUESGEN wines are mainly vinified in stainless steel tanks as well as in barrique and wooden barrels.

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Respect of ecological standards - Membership at Fair 'n Green

The Villa Huesgen winery has been certified since August 2019 with the FAIR'N GREEN label for sustainable viticulture.
FAIR AND GREEN e.V., the association that has existed since 2013 with a sustainability standard, helps its members to improve sustainability goals, such as environmental protection and nature-friendly viticulture, greater biodiversity, protection of natural resources, fair wages and social commitment, preservation and promotion of the natural landscape.

FAIR'N GREEN guarantees minimum requirements and continuous improvement of the defined criteria along the entire value chain, from sourcing, viticulture and winery management to sales.

VILLA HUESGEN, as a family business with a rich tradition on the Moselle, assumes its responsibility for nature and mankind in the production of its fine, modern wines with FAIR'N GREEN.

Award winning wines - made by happy people

The owner, Adolph Huesgen VIII, is a Moselle native and a cosmopolitan. As a wine merchant he has learned to know the world, as a winegrower he remains attached to his country. Like his ancestors, he maintains intensive contacts with international wine merchants, is a friend of the "savoir-vivre" and is in tune with the Moselle wine culture.
Today he represents the eighth generation at the head of this traditional family business, founded in 1735. The passion for wine is in his blood. The desire to produce something unique, in character. With a great deal of idealism and innovation, Adolph Huesgen VIII has reshaped the family winery, which since 2005 has been called "VILLA HUESGEN". The company and the wines are marked by his relaxed and elegant signature, lived inside and outside through the motto 'A piece of the art of living - Made by happy people'.