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The art of making wine from the steepest vineyard in Europe

Located between the villages of Bremm and Eller on the terraced Moselle, the Bremmer Calmont claims the superscription "steepest vineyard site in Europe". A two-kilometre-long mountainside, shaped like a huge concave mirror open to the south. The mountain's height of three hundred metres protects the valley from the cold northern winds. Terraces with retaining walls have been built on steeply sloping rock faces and jagged ledges to cultivate the mountain. Viticulture in this region is not easy. It is a challenge every day anew and a task for life.

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Bremm - Calmont

Not only Riesling - not only Bremmer Calmont

Rieslings account for around 90 percent of the wines, most of which are vinified dry by the Franzen winery. Only the botrytis-affected grapes are made into noble sweet wines.  Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and Elbling are also cultivated at 5% each. Franzen currently owns a good 10 hectares of vineyards, most of which are located in the Bremmer Calmont and the Neefer Frauenberg. 

Vinification and varieties

In addition to the typical Moselle Riesling, we also grow Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. The vinification at Domaine Hain is done in a traditional and gentle way in a cool and humid vaulted cellar. After a controlled fermentation, the white and red wine can mature in peace. Gernot Hain ages his white wine mainly in stainless steel tanks, sometimes in wooden barrels, and the pinot noir in barrels. The Hain estate produces wines with very little ageing, which are especially marked by the particular minerality and character of the Piesport shale soils.

Vignobles - Vineyards - Weinlagen Franzen


The winery cultivates several parcels in the best vineyards around Bremm.

These are located in the following sites, among others:

  • Bremmer Calmont
  • Fachkaul Calmont
  • Neefer Frauenberg
  • Neefer Sterneberg

Management and philosophy

On his approximately 10 hectares of vineyards, the winemaker has laid the foundation for continued success in the future and for his wines to become even better known and more popular. The costly construction of monorack tracks - 500 meters of track now snake from the banks of the Moselle to the top of the Fachkaul - facilitated vineyard management, which includes the never-ending maintenance and reconstruction of quite a few terrace walls. Even though maintaining the steepest vineyards in Europe is one of the most physically demanding and labor-intensive tasks, the preservation of the cultural landscape and the continuation of centuries-old tradition makes us proud and motivates us every day anew.

Steilhänge Weingut Franzen - Steep slopes wine estate Franzen - Vignoble en forte pente domaine Franzen
Weinsortiment - Sélection de vins - Wine selection

Wine assortment

  • Riesling
  • Pinot Blanc
  • Elbling
  • Sparkling wine

Awards from  the press and wine guides

Eichelmann 2020 4 Sterne

Wine Guide Eichelmann 2022

"..exceptional producer..."

Gault & Millau

Wine guide Vinum 2022

3,5 stars by Vinum 2022 : "very good winery / top Germany".

".. Every year a reference for drinkable sophisticated wine.... "