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Steep slate slopes, densely planted with Riesling

The foundation of our wines is formed by first-class, steep slopes of weathered slate, exclusively "VDP.Große.Lagen", densely planted with old, partly rootless Riesling vines, trained on single stakes, tied to the heart - pure handwork!

As in the days of our founders, we live for and from our vines. Natural cultivation and careful treatment of the soil, flora and fauna are the basis of our understanding of sustainable viticulture. We consciously work without herbicides to preserve habitats and niches for beneficial insects and rare species. Our vineyards are living individuals that create wines full of character.

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Vue sur Sarrebourg : à gauche le 'Saarburger Laurentiusberg', derrière le 'Saarburger Rausch' et au fond à droite la 'Saarburger Kupp'.

Tradition in the wines

The traditional single-pole cultivation, a regional peculiarity, shaped the slopes of the Saar for a long time. Vines with shoots tied to the heart, meanwhile almost displaced because they cannot be worked with machines, are still close to our hearts.

Mainstream is different, you might call it backward and out of date, but that is exactly what has made the style of our wines since 1880. We still feel committed to the type of classic Riesling as it was at the turn of the 20th century, when the wines of the Saar had a world-wide reputation.

Wine from the best locations and perfect climatic conditions

Dr Heinz Wagner's winery has 7 hectares of vineyards spread over exceptional sites on the Saar. This is also recognised by the Gault&Millau guide 2017:

"In Saarburg and Ockfen, the Wagner family owns the best plots in the Rausch, Kupp and Bockstein sites".

The stony soils of the Saarburger Rausch site consist of greywacke and Devonian slate. The term "Rausch" comes from the old dialect word "Rusche", meaning rubble, and does not refer to excessive wine consumption. Saarburger Kupp is a single vineyard designation that occurs a total of seven times in the Moselle winegrowing region. In the Ockfener Bockstein vineyard, some finds indicate that viticulture was already practised here in Roman times.

Soils of Devonian slate and greywacke predominate. The terroir of these places is excellently suited for the cultivation of Riesling. The vineyards of the winery are still cultivated according to the traditional method of individual trellising and all work in the vineyard is done by hand.

Thus, the wines are produced under excellent conditions on the soils of the Saar region, which are perfectly suited for Riesling. The products of the Dr. Heinz Wagner winery never fail to excite. The VDP winery regularly enjoys good ratings from renowned wine guides such as Eichelmann and Gault&Millau.

An old cellar, barrels and time

The winery's cellar has an internal water source flowing through it, which ensures high humidity. Wines with an impressive minerality, a light alcohol content and a pleasant acidity mature in this cellar. They captivate with their aromas of peaches, apricots, lemons and herbs. Each vintage brings its own special features. The Dr. Heinz Wagner winery considers them to be a reflection of the natural influences of viticulture and respects them as part of the unique character of its products.

Blick in den Fasskeller: Zeitlos - perfekt aufgereihte Fuderfässer im historischen Kellergewölbe.

Wine assortment

  • Riesling
  • Sparkling Wine

Family-owned for 5 generations

For more than a hundred years, the Wagner family has been linked to its vineyards. Responsible and sustainable management of the soil and the vines are the basis for the wines of Dr. Wagner's winery. Some of the vines are between 40 and 50 years old. Most of them are cultivated using the traditional method of individual trellising. All work in the vineyards, including harvesting, is done by hand. The wine is aged in old wooden barrels at Dr. Wagner's estate.

Weingut Dr Wagner - Familie

Awards from  the press and wine guides

Wine guide Feinschmecker 2022 3,5 Stars

"exceptional wine quality"

Wine guide Falstaff 2022 - 4 Stars

"wine estate that is continuously known for wines of excellence".

wine guide Gault & Millau 3 grapes

"Whoever says Weingut Dr. Wagner means a winegrowing dynasty that has made history on the tributary of the Moselle. Riesling history.

For the Saar wines of the Wagners are for decades kinological flagships of the growing region and also internationally appreciated and in demand "

Wine guide Vinum 2022 - 3 Stars

" very good, a winery that always stands out for top wines."