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World famous Riesling wines from Oberemmel

The most important vineyards include the world-famous Scharzhofberger, the Oberemmeler Hütte, which is solely owned by the winery, and the outstanding single vineyard site "Hörecker", a "fillet piece" in the Kanzemer Altenberg. The sustainable cultivation of the vineyards is carried out according to the strict guidelines of the "Fair & Green" association, which awards its seal for sustainable cultivation and winery management. Abstaining from herbicides, mineral fertilizers and pesticides is a given and reflects the philosophy of the winery owner.

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Founding member of VDP, creates superb Riesling wines

The von Hövel winery has been family-owned since 1803 and later became a founding member of the VDP. In 2010, Maximilian von Kunow took over the business from his father. Before that, the young winemaker had learned and experimented at other wineries and advised Luxembourg winemakers. His love for the delicate, brightly fruity Saar Rieslings led him to return to his parents' winery.

Finest Riesling wines from the Saar

On 22 hectares of vineyards with blue Devonian slate, the von Hövel winery grows exclusively Riesling. The traditional winery is the sole owner of two top vineyards classified as "Große Lagen". The filigree-elegant wines from the steep areas in the "Oberemmeler Hütte" show themselves with citrus-stone fruit scent, herbal notes and characteristic juiciness.

Weinlage - Vignoble - Vineyard - Kanzemer Hörecker

Oberemmeler Hütte - Kanzemer Hörecker - Scharzhofberger

The very old vines in the steep "Kanzemer Hörecker" provide the Riesling with an earthy minerality as well as herbal and slightly tobacco notes. These Rieslings are among the finest on the Saar. In addition, the von Hövel winery cultivates a parcel in the legendary "Scharzhofberg," arguably the best site on the Saar. Clear, racy and full of character, these "Grosse Gewächse" Rieslings delight Riesling lovers all over the world.

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Wines and vineyards

Distinctive for their origin, our classic and filigree Saar wines from great sites and other historically documented vineyards are characterized by unadulterated, diverse, clear fruit aromas paired with countless herbaceous elements. The unmistakable fine fruity balance between finest sweetness and ripe acidity is underlined by Saar-typical mineralities of the Devonian slate. Our natural wines show elegance, finesse and an inimitable lightness. Paired with moderate alcohol, they promise carefree drinking pleasure.

Fasskeller - Cave à barriques - Barrel cellar
Max von Kunow

Tradition in good hands since 7 generations

Max von Kunow is the responsible winemaker in the traditional family business of von Hövel. He prefers robust and fine Saarland Rieslings. He does not seek to imitate other wineries or wine regions, but to bring out the terroir of each area in the glass and to preserve the traditional style of von Hövel Rieslings.

Awards from  the press and wine guides

Wine guide Falstaff 2022 - 4 Stars

" Estate that is continuously known for excellence and whose stylish orientation has a high reputation at home and abroad".

Wine guide Vinum 2022 - 3 Stars

"very good wine estate"

Wine Guide Gault&Millau 2021 - 4 Grapes "Top wine estates of Germany"

From a viticultural point of view, the Saar is a treasure chest that is opened once a year and presents its gold pieces. These are mainly Rieslings of special format, often cool and slender wines in style, which warm the heart of every wine connoisseur. around the heart.

Wine guide Feinschmecker 2022 4,5 Stars

" belongs to the best wine estates of the Mosel"

Wine Guide Eichelmann 2022 3,5 Stars

"Excellent wine estate"