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A heart for the wine
Wine estate

Why are some vines being formed into hearts?

It is not because the winemakers are in love with their passion, that they form hearts of vines in the vineyareds. No in fact the vines are " educated ". In other words, the fruiting canes, from whose buds the new shoots grow from the early May onwards, have to be brought into shape after pruning in winter.

Coffee and wine - Love or Hate story?
Wine and dine

Wine and coffee in combination? Well, not really, but... What wine and coffee have in common and why you should still not drink them together.

The classic after a good, maybe even a bit sumptuous meal: An espresso, please! It is generally known that it closes the stomach. But sweet wine and champagne are also almost always suitable as the end of a menu. But what about this? Is it over with coffee and wine? Not quite, but one after the other, please. After all, coffee paralyzes the sense of taste for a good 20 minutes. So it is not advisable to drink wine and coffee at the same time.

Parallels between wine and coffee: cultivation, production & taste.

Work with nature - not against it
Wine estate

Did you know where the name and the coat of arms of the Nik Weis - St. Urbans-Hof winery come from?

Also here, the church stayed in the village...